Thursday, October 25, 2018

"This is PRACTICAL, ORIGINAL, and STUNNING!" - Special Limited Price or FREE!

"It’s a cute idea that can be carried in your wallet and performed at any time." -Paul Romhany

$wap (DVD and Gimmick) by Nicholas Lawerence - DVD

It's not often that we see effects look this CLEAN and DECEPTIVE.   But our friends at Vanishing Inc. have come out with a winner.

$WAP (or SWAP) is what happens when you visually move the green insignia from one side of a bill to another.   Check out the DEMO VIDEO here:

This is well produced, and the instruction is clear to follow. 

Best of all, you can carry this in your wallet all the time, and you're ready to perform!

LIMITED PRICE: We are offering a special price to our MJM Magic customers only for our first batch, so be sure to click this link and place your order before it goes back up!

DOUBLE BONUS: When you add $WAP to your shopping cart, be sure to click this link below and add another item from that list to your order.   You will get the cheaper of the two for free:

For example, if you add $WAP and any item (from that list) which is more expensive, then you will get $WAP for free.     If you add something less than $WAP, then you will get that other item for free!   Discounts taken off during checkout.    This double bonus special is only good while $WAP is on sale.



We still have a few units left of our amazing INFLUX DVD, which teaches you nine different effects you can do with gum.   If you like walkaround magic (who doesn't, right?), then consider adding INFLUX to your order with $WAP:



Why was the broom late for work?

He overswept.


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