Thursday, October 04, 2018

"The GREATEST Impromptu Illusion We Have Ever Seen!" - DOWNLOAD

"The first time I saw this, I thought I was living in The Matrix!"

The Vault - Linking Cigarettes by Akira Fujii video DOWNLOAD

Imagine taking two cigarettes, and visually pass them through each other!   Sounds impressive, but when you SEE it, you will wonder how it's possible.

Check out the demo video to see a real world performance of it:

Don't want to use cigarettes?  You can do this with two other objects of similar size.   The mechanics are the same.

BEST PART: This is a digital item, so you can begin watching it as soon as you submit your order (*)!


(*) First time customers will have access after we manually approve the purchase during regular business hours.


What do you call a Bee that eats other Bees?

Hannibal Nectar


If you have a question about a product on our website, there is now a link on the product's page called "Ask a Question."   You can use that to send us your question. 

The cool part is that when we answer it, the Answer will be displayed on the BOTTOM of the product's that means over time, our website will be a great place to see frequently asked questions about the products you're interested in.

This is something we are testing out, but if it works and we don't see too many bugs, we will keep it as a permanent section of our website!

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