Friday, October 19, 2018

40% OFF for the next 24 People - "NINE Effects for the price of one!"

"Nine delicious effects that will fill your spectator’s sweet tooth."

Influx (DVD and Gimmicks) by Tom Elderfield - DVD
What a fantastic deal we have for you today!  If you aren't doing any GUM magic when you're walking around, then you're really missing out.

Most non-magicians think that magic always involves cards or coins.  So when you bust out an organic "non-magical" item like a pack of gum, they are taken completely off-guard!

INFLUX is an amazing package that teaches you NINE different routines with gum for one low price.   AND BEST OF ALL, only for the next 24 PEOPLE, we are giving you an additional 40% OFF this bestselling item!

Watch the demo video here:

As you know, these FLASH SALE items go fast.   So fast, in fact, that we start to feel bad when people miss out on them.  So don't wait.......pick up INFLUX today at this special price.

NEED MORE CONVINCING?  Go here and read the reviews at the bottom of the page:

This price is ONLY AVAILABLE for the first 24 people who purchase it!  After that, the price will go back up to normal, so if you click these links and the price is normal, that means you missed your chance.



I bought a hair piece for just $1.00.

It was a small price toupee.


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