Friday, October 26, 2018

"This is the Subtlest Switching Device on the Market!"

"Once you see this, you'll want to own it!  LOW PRICE TOO!"

IVY ENVELOPE (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Danny Weiser, Bond Lee and Magiclism Store

I'll make this easy.   This is one of the cleanest and easiest switching devices you will ever use.

You show a clear envelope with a folded card in it.   It's in view the entire time.

Spectator signs a different card and loses it in the deck.  With a magic wave, the card vanishes and ends up being the SAME ONE inside of the sealed envelope!  (They see you take the card out and open it up!!)

That's just ONE example of the many things you can do with IVY ENVELOPE.

Check out the demo here:

You can use this to:
  • Do card to impossible location
  • Do open prediction effects
  • Do vanishes and transposition effects
  • Incorporate it into mentalism routines
The possibilities are endless.   Oh, and it's only $24.95 (a FRACTION of what other switching devices will sell for these days).

Order it now and it will begin shipping soon after it's released in a few days:



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