Monday, September 24, 2018

NEW and IMPROVED - "Make almost ANYTHING disappear from your hands!!"

"The latest in disappearing technology is back and better than ever!"

Gecko Pro System (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jim Rosenbaum

Many years ago, we introduced The Gecko to our customers, which was a device that allowed you to make objects disappear from your hands.   It sold over 20 THOUSAND UNITS!

It's also been unavailable for YEARS now, to the disappointment of many.


Not only is The Gecko back, but it's NEW and IMPROVED!   It now allows you to safely vanish, switch or transform almost ANY borrowed item VISUALLY AND SILENTLY!! It is an easy-to-use, light-weight and unobtrusive magic device that you will carry with you at all times.

Check out the demo to see what really happens when you use The Gecko Pro:

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: This trick begins shipping in just a few days, but if you preorder it now at MJM Magic, we are returning $7.00 back to you in REWARD POINTS and FREE USA SHIPPING!  ** This special bonus is only available to you now during this brief preorder period!




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