Friday, September 21, 2018

Extremely Limited Supply - SkyCap 2.0 back in stock!

"The world's best CAP PENETRATION is back in limited supply!!"

SkyCap 2.0 (White) by Paul Harris Presents and Uday Jadugar

Make no mistake about it.   This effect has been sold out for over TWO YEARS now.   We have a bunch of people who are on the waiting list to get it......

..............and we just got our hands on the last remaining supply!

SKYCAP 2.0 is so visual, you would swear that it's trick photography.

Check out the demo if you've never seen it before:

We had to almost bend in half in order to get the supply that we got, and once these sell out, they will be GONE.

If you have been waiting for one of these, now is your chance!!!




Some say that if you play Nickelback backwards, you'll hear Satan.

Even worse, if you play it forwards, you'll hear Nickelback.


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