Monday, September 17, 2012

New Asura Deck Promo, and TMZ Magic!


This just in - the LIMITED new deck by the USPCC! It's called the ASURA deck, and let me tell you, these things look amazing.

The amount of detail on the design is mind-boggling, and I've literally been staring at them ever since they hit our doorstep this weekend!

Go to this link to see more detailed pictures of the deck, including the custom Ace of Spades and Joker cards!

Asura Deck

SPECIAL: THIS WEEK ONLY AT MJM MAGIC - Purchase one or more Asura Decks, and if you add one of our best selling Crimson Resurrection decks to the same order, we will automatically give you a whopping 60% OFF the Crimson Resurrection deck! WHAT!!!!! That's right, you will save over $5.00 off each Crimson Resurrection Deck for every Asura Deck that you purchase!

Crimson Resurrection Deck:

Again, not only is this a limited time offer, but the actual Asura decks are EXTREMELY LIMITED in quantity. In fact, I can't guarantee that they won't sell out before the week is over. Only 2500 were made, and we only got 70 left!

So let me repeat that one more time!

The next 70 people to order BOTH an Asura deck AND a Crimson Resurrection Deck in the same order will automatically get a whopping 60% OFF the Resurrection Deck when they proceed to the checkout page. This is only good for this week only, OR until all Asura Decks are gone. Just add both to your cart and we will take care of the rest!

What's even better is that there is no limit to this promotion. If you want to purchase four Asura decks, you can get four Crimson Resurrection decks at 60% off! So take advantage of this offer, because once it's over, it won't be happening again!



Here's a funny story I will leave you with before I go. The other day, I saw a cool clip on the TMZ website. I've always loved the guys at TMZ, and I'm constantly checking out their site for news in the entertainment industry. Anyway, they had a magic clip on there which I found very entertaining, so I posted it on our MJM Magic blog.

Click below to read the blog post and watch the video!

Anyway, the next day, the actual magician from TMZ (the guy who did the mind boggling card trick to Harvey Levin) contacted me! Awesome dude......his name is Chris Lesinski, and he's a Magic Castle member. In case you guys wanted to know the effect he blew everyone away with, he performed Angle Zero by Daniel Madison, and it's taught on our Dangerous DVD SET:

Thanks Chris and TMZ for supporting MJM Magic, and for keeping magic in the media!

We hope you have a great week everybody!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash

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