Friday, February 23, 2018

"This looks absolutely impossible!"

FIVE IN A HOLE by SMagic Productions - Trick

What's great about this trick is that it's DIFFERENT.   It involves money, but it's not your standard money trick ("Hey look, the bill changed to something else, etc.")

Check this out.  You take two bills out of your wallet: a $1.00 and a $5.00 bill.

You hand the $1.00 to the spectator to hold.   And in a SPLIT SECOND, you cause the number FIVE from your bill to PRINT onto the $1.00 bill!

Not only is it printed on there.....but the number FIVE is completely GONE from the $5.00 bill!

Check out the demo here to see what it looks like:

Think about it.  If you really could do magic, wouldn't you want to manipulate MONEY?   Show off your power to change something that people use everyday!

Preorder it now and we will begin shipping as soon as the product hits our doors on March 5th:



A woman is sitting beside a businessman on an airplane.  The businessman is quite bored, so he tries to get the woman to play a game with him.

"Let's play a game. We take turns asking questions. If I can't answer one of yours, I'll pay you $5 bucks, but if you can't answer one of mine, then you'll give me $5 bucks."

The woman ignores him and tries to sleep.

"Okay, how about if I lose I give you $100 dollars, and you only give me $5."

Again, the woman declines.

"Okay, okay, how about I give you $1000 dollars if I lose?"

The woman, finally had enough, agrees. The businessman goes first. "What's the circumference of the sun?"

The woman doesn't know and pays him $5 dollars. Then she asks the businessman "What has 6 legs, goes up a hill with 10 legs, and comes down with 5 legs?"

The businessman realizes he has NO CLUE of the answer, and he would have to pay up. He searches it up on google, asks everyone on the plane, and calls all his friends, but no one knew the answer.
At last, he reluctantly pays the woman $1000 dollars. The woman, satisfied, goes back to sleep.

The businessman taps her shoulder. "I have one last question. What was the answer?"

The woman sighs and takes out $5 dollars.

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