Monday, February 19, 2018

"This could be a POWERFUL secret weapon you NEVER thought about using!"

Imagine being able to show a real deck of cards (showing the entire faces), having it change to a completely BLANK DECK of cards.....and the deck can be handed out for examination.   How is that possible?   Easy, by using a deck switch.

But many people haven't considered using a deck switch into their act, because they either never gave it serious thought, or they thought it would be too difficult and obvious.

Check out REAL DECK SWITCHES by Benjamin Earl!

Real Deck Switches by Benjamin Earl


Ben Earl has long been a master card man and prolific inventor. Now he has turned his attention to the venerable deck switch, updating it for multiple environments. Thanks to his expert instruction and considerable skill, you'll soon be comfortable with switching decks under any conditions. Check out the trailer for examples. These switches look impossible, but they are not! They are well within the reach of any intermediate card magician.

You'll get:
  • 25 brand-new deck switches, most unpublished before now!
  • In the hands and on the table
  • Deck switches for all environments taught
  • Shot on location in Las Vegas
  • Visual deck switches and covert deck switches

Just think of the possibilities of switching from a shuffled deck to a memorized deck right under their noses! Real Deck Switches is ready to make the impossible possible and turn deck switches into a powerful new secret weapon for you. Order yours today!



Prison may be just one word.......but to others, it's a whole sentence.

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