Saturday, February 10, 2018

"Quite possibly the BEST Card At Any Number effect you've seen!"

"This may very well be the one Card At Any Number effect that you will use more than any other!"

SCAANDAL by Adrian Vega (Online Instructions and Gimmick)

What's amazing about this effect is that the spectator does all the hard work for you!

The spectator handles the deck.   The spectator names any number (NO FORCE).   The spectator deals down to their own card.   They turn it over themselves.   You never touch the deck.

And it matches your prediction!

AND THE KICKER: at the end of the trick, you show that ALL THE CARDS ARE BLANK except for the one they chose!

Most C.A.A.N. effects have one of those selling points, but not all of them.   For example, some allow any number to be named, but the magician has to deal the cards.    Or some allow the spectator to handle the deck, but you have to force a number, etc.

With SCAANDAL, the deck does everything for you!   Check out the demo:

With the spectator picking their number, dealing down to it, and flipping over the card, how can you pass this one up?   Oh, and the price is super affordable too (under $30.00).

SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED!   Once this batch sells out here in the next day or so, it won't be available again for about a month or longer.


If you're ever in a cold room, just stand in a corner.........They're usually 90 degrees.

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