Thursday, February 22, 2018

"It's time to get NAKED and STRANGE!"

The Vault - Naked Strange by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD
One of my favorite (and no longer available) effects was "Strange Travelers", performed by David Blaine.

Here's a version of that trick which you can DOWNLOAD today, and it uses a regular deck of cards (no gimmicks)!

In case you aren't familiar with the effect:
  • Spectator #1 simply LOOKS at a card from a group of cards.   She doesn't say what the card is.   She simply LOOKS at one mentally from a bunch of cards.
  • Spectator #2 is handed those cards to hold onto.   The cards are counted to show that there are only ten cards in that packet. 
  • Spectator #1 is given a separate group of cards to hold.
  • With a magical gesture, Spectator #2 counts her cards, and suddenly one is missing!  That's right.....there are no longer ten cards in her hand.  She only holds nine.
  • The one card that's missing happens to be the one that Spectator #1 was merely thinking of!   Remember, she never mentioned what the card was: it's just gone!
  • Spectator #1 then turns over the packet she was holding to find that her card magically traveled over to it!
This is a great effect that involves TWO people, which is always a BONUS when performing (to get as many people involved as possible!

Download it today at our low price:


 I was going to post a funny joke about veganism.......but it's too cheesy.

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