Friday, September 04, 2020

"It's not fair. A gimmick like this shouldn't be allowed to happen."


"I was fooled badly. This thing is slick!" - Caleb Wiles

ACCOMPLICE by Danny Weiser & David Regal - Trick

A customizable utility gimmick that allows the deck, the signed card and the box to be fully examinable!

ACCOMPLICE is a customizable utility gimmick that allows the performer to perform a variety of effects with playing cards:

  •     FIND A CARD after the deck has been cased and pocketed
  •     TRANSPORT A SIGNED CARD from one place to another
  •     PENETRATE A CARD through the surface of a table

Watch the demo:

The gimmick is both fully seen and invisible. And best of all, when you are done with it, it can VANISH - leaving the deck, the signed card, and the card box all fully examinable.

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Grapes don't cry when they're crushed....

But they do wine.


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