Monday, September 14, 2020

A truly unbelievable prediction with the VISION DECK!


"Predict and isolate the spectator's THOUGHT of card (not written or named) from a shuffled face up deck!"

Vision deck Red by W.Eston, Manolo & Anthony Stan - Trick

"You have to see this one to believe it!"

1.  Show all the faces of the cards are different.

2.  Have the spectator THINK of a card.  Nothing said nor written down.

3.  You isolate your prediction under your hand.  Again, your prediction is set aside BEFORE the spectator names their card.

4.  The spectator finally names their card, and it's a perfect match with your prediction.

5.  BONUS - It also happens to be the only card in the deck with a different colored back!

Watch the demo:

Remember - They get to see that all the cards are DIFFERENT, and they only THINK of one........and yet, it matches your prediction!

Still not convinced?  Then check this out:

  • The trick resets quickly!
  • It can be performed again with a DIFFERENT CARD!
  • You get to learn MULTIPLE ROUTINES with your Vision Deck, including an amazing Card At Any Number effect!  Seriously, the ACAAN routine is one of our favorites!  A thought of card is at the exact same spot as a thought of number between 1 and 52!

Be sure to order yours today and we will begin shipping soon!  Just pick up the color deck that you prefer to use:



I just dropped my phone in the bath.

Now it's syncing.


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