Monday, December 09, 2019

"Vanish a borrowed object and make it appear anywhere!"

"Vanish a BORROWED object and make it appear anywhere! "

Invisibag by Joao Miranda and Rafael Baltresca - Trick

It's one thing to vanish an object and make it appear.  It's entirely different when you use a BORROWED object, something that cannot be duplicated!

InvisiBag is a specially designed bag that allow the performer to vanish a borrowed object and make it reappear anywhere!

Use a borrowed watch.  A house key.  A cell phone.   It will disappear from inside the bag and end up wherever you want it to be!

Watch the THREE VIDEOS here:

InvisiBag is VERY easy to perform with right out of the box and will certainly BOOST your creativity to the next level!

To get you started we teach you two complete and professional routines using invisiBag and a borrowed object.

InvisiBag is destined to become a classic in magic and its available in either red and black colors.

Comes in two colors:


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I shouldn't have eaten all that alphabet soup.

Now I'm going to have a massive vowel movement.


I haven't posted one of these in a few weeks since my dad passed away.   He was cremated last week, and it was definitely hard not seeing him for Thanksgiving.   Since he isn't having any funeral service, tomorrow will be his "Celebration of Life" that we are having in his honor.

Basically a bunch of friends and family will be gathering to honor my dad, and to share stories about him.   Food and fellowship will be afterwards.   I will definitely say a few words about my dad, and I hope I don't break down into a crying idiot when I do!  LOL

Thanks again for all your prayers and support for me and MJM Magic during this difficult time in my life. 

- Jeff

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