Friday, December 13, 2019

"Impromptu anywhere, anytime magic at it's finest!"

"A masterclass in impromptu magic!"

The Vault - Tom Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Volume 1 video DOWNLOAD

Without a doubt, the best kind of magic is the IMPROMPTU kind.   The kind where you can perform anytime, anywhere.

Tom Mullica was the best at this, and now you can download a huge volume of his favorites!

Things like:
  • Broken & Restored Match
  • The Book Test
  • Pencil Thru Bill
  • Perpetual Balls
  • and so much more!!
Purchase today and begin watching immediately after in our Downloads Area!



How do mathematicians get rid of constipation?

They work it out with a pencil.


Did you know that in my free time, I like to do artwork?  More specifically, I like to draw portraits of people.   Since my dad recently passed away, I was inspired to draw something for my cousin who was with me when he died.

If you would like to see a time lapse of me drawing it, you can view it on YouTube here:

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