Friday, December 27, 2019

"A guaranteed reputation maker that every magician should own!" - Richard Sanders

"Melt a label through a bottle and hand it out for examination!"

The Vault - Labelled Evolution by Ben Williams video DOWNLOAD

You fairly show the spectator a cola bottle and write something on the label, even peeling it back to show that the contents of the bottle are perfectly ordinary underneath. With a casual shake, the spectator will see the marked label VISUALLY MELT inside the bottle, before their eyes. You can instantly hand it out for examination and leave it as a memorable souvenir with your spectator FOREVER! Everything is fully inspectable, even if they if open up the bottle to take the label out.

Demo video:

"Labelled evolution is next-level visual magic that you can not only perform, but you can give it away. Outstanding!"
- Kieron Johnson

"Labelled has been in my close-up set for around 10 years. Labelled Evolution will ensure it will remain in my act for at least 10 more."

- Alan Rorrison 



Our first batch of Mental Dice literally sold out in about two hours.  It took a few weeks, but we got another SMALL batch again.   And now we are down to less than a dozen left.

Don't miss your chance to own the hottest piece of mentalism in your act:


How do you make a waterbed more bouncy?

Add Spring Water.

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