Thursday, October 31, 2019

"This Will Be Your New Favorite Prediction Style Effect!"

"A brilliant method, self-working, repeatable, and a quick reset!"

Fourtunate (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by David Jonathon and Mark Mason - Trick

I'm going to make a bold prediction: you will LOVE this effect!

You draw a circle with a prediction on the cellophane of the card box.   Your spectator is invited to FREELY STOP on any card in the deck.   It matches your previously written down prediction!

Watch the demo:

This is a Mark Mason produced effect, and it's no secret that we absolutely LOVE Mark's effects.  They are EASY for beginners, but they absolutely FOOL the pants off other magicians!

With your purchase, you will receive your Fourtunate gimmick, and a link to a very good online instructional video.   As always, Mark's teaching is top-notch, and very easy to understand.
What's not to love about this?!   Order today and we will begin shipping very soon!


Yesterday, we were excited to release one of the BEST coin to soda can effects we have ever seen.

In case you missed it, you HAVE TO check it out here:

(And yes, you can even have the coin SIGNED!)

Anyway, we had some customers reporting issues with the video not displaying when using Chrome Browser.  If that was you, we have some good news.  It looks like we found the problem, and it appears to be working now!

So if you had any issues accessing your downloads or getting them to display, you might want to try again and let us know if you still experience any problems.



I’m a big fan of whiteboards.

I find them quite re-markable!

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