Thursday, October 03, 2019

Download the Annihilation Deck PLUS New Streaming Upgrades!

"A self-working miracle that can be repeated with ANY selected card!"

The Vault - The Annihilation Deck by Cameron Francis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

We are excited to share this download with you for two reasons:
  1. It's a great trick that you will definitely be excited to perform
  2. We upgraded our streaming service so it's more compatible with all your devices!
The Annihilation Deck is great because it requires NO SKILL, but still packs a massive punch!  And get this: it's REPEATABLE with a different card each time!

Check it out:

You are going to love performing this one, and because it's a download, you can begin learning it as soon as you purchase it!

Side note: In the past, we have had a minority of customers who experienced trouble accessing their download library from their devices.   These complaints were hit-or-miss.   What worked for most people didn't work for others, etc.   So we are hoping that these recent software upgrades that we made will completely eliminate any issues if you've experienced access problems in the past.   Just be sure your browser supports cookie files and it will work!

Have fun learning the Annihilation Deck today!



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