Friday, October 18, 2019

"One of the most deceptive self-working effects in magic!"

"A self-working masterpiece!"

The Vault - Blood Hound by Takumi Takahashi video DOWNLOAD

An impossible effect where a card is freely chosen and lost in the deck. The black King acts as the Blood Hound dog and sniffs its way through the deck to find the spectator's chosen card!

This really is amazing, as piles of cards gradually diminish until there are only two cards left - the Blood Hound card and the spectator's selection. Fun to do!

Watch demo video:

"Takumi has surpassed me"
- Lennart Green, World Champion Close-up/Card magician

Prepare to learn card magic like you have never imagined!

Really! You will swear that these are camera tricks!

You might know Takumi Takahashi as a student of the legendary Lennart Green.

However, Takumi has created his own unique style of magic that is super visual. He will reveal his amazing methods in this exclusive tutorial! For the first time ever, Takumi teaches you refined routines that come from his own personal repertoire!!

Don't expect to master these techniques in 30 minutes. These effects WILL require practice. But it will be so worth it!

Download the video now!


I said to my boss the other day, "I need to leave early today, I'm going to be a father!"

"Of course", he replied. "Take the afternoon off."

When I returned to work the next day, my boss came to my desk. "Well, how'd it go? Is it a boy or a girl?"

"I dunno", I said, "I'll tell you in nine months."


I just got off the phone with my mom.   She just wanted to tell me that my dad signed up for Hospice Care last night.   I'm only sharing this with you all because so many of you have been following these updates and have been interested in knowing what is happening in my life.

I will keep you all posted as things go on.   I thank you for all your support, and I hope you're all having a blessed day!

Love, - Jeff

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