Thursday, October 10, 2019

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I have a fear of escalators.

But I’m taking steps to avoid them.


I just wanted to give you an update on my dad.  For those new members of MJM Magic, you may not be aware of this, but my dad (who is only 68) was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in February.   Since then, he has lost over 100 pounds and is getting weak.   I am continually blessed to have so many of you reach out and offer your prayers for him.

It's been very strange for me.   My last conversation with my dad, he was telling me that he wants to be cremated, and then asking my opinion on different urns that he was looking at.   Part of me is like, "Don't talk to me about that, Dad!!" and the other part is like, "Please talk to me about anything, Dad, because I don't want our conversations to ever end."

This whole process has made me ponder some really strange questions, like: "Which would YOU rather have?  Would you rather have a loved one die suddenly and unexpectedly, without having the chance to say goodbye?   Or would you rather them die slowly over many months, but have the chance to prepare yourself for the inevitable?"

Morbid question, I know!   But this is what I have been dealing with.  Just take my advice: don't take anyone for granted in your life.  We hear that all the time, but it's good to remind ourselves about how precious life really is, and how fleeting it can be.

This whole experience has brought me closer to God and for that, I'm really thankful.  And I'm grateful to all of you who believe in the power of praying for others like my dad.  I believe that it's helping both myself and my dad during this time.

Love you all!
- Jeff

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