Wednesday, October 16, 2019

"This fooled me! And it will fool you too! BRILLIANT!!"

"You will NOT BELIEVE that this is done with a SHUFFLED, BORROWED deck of cards!"

Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek video DOWNLOAD

We have been sitting on this one for weeks, and we can FINALLY announce it to everyone!
It's called "Good Intuition", and it's a completely impromptu version of the great Triple Intuition by Dani DaOrtiz.

It's so good, you get (not one, but) THREE unbelievably powerful moments of magic in this routine.

Watch the demo video:

Please believe me when I tell you, the real value isn't just in the trick.   The creator (Bernardo Sedlacek) eloquently explains a lot of amazing tips and subtleties that you will be able to apply to ALL your magic tricks. 

This isn't just a quick explanation video, either.  You will get access to almost 60 minutes of video that teach you the entire routine, and clear instructions on how to perform it.   And after you watch it, you will see how fine-tuned and well thought out this entire routine is.

So grab your deck and begin learning Good Intuition!!

Get access to it today immediately after purchase:


Interviewer: "How do you explain the three year gap on your resume?"

Me: "Oh, that was when I went to Yale."

Interviewer: "Amazing, you are hired!"

Me: "Hurray! I got a Yob!"


My dad and meI had a good visit with my dad this weekend.   I drove the usual 180 miles round trip to see him on Saturday.   It saddens me to see him getting weaker.   I found out that he has now been falling when he tries to walk just a few feet, because he literally has no energy or strength left in his legs.

The word "hospice" is now being talked about.   Up until now, my dad has REFUSED even considering it, because to him (and to many people), hospice feels like you're "throwing in the towel" and giving up the fight.  But as Brandi told me, hospice really should be called "Comfort Care", and that sounds so much better to me!

Of course, my dad (who is ALWAYS conscious about money-matters) found out that hospice won't cost him anything, so I think THAT might be opening him up to trying it out.   Not to mention, apparently when you're on hospice, when you die at home, the hospice folks handle all the leg-work to get you to the funeral home.   Without hospice, you would have to call the local sheriff who then has to get the coroner involved, and the family has to pay all that money for the transportation to the funeral home.

I am just thankful to God that I am (so far) able to compose myself when visiting my dad.   I only cry when I'm alone.  Thanks to all of you who have reached out and encouraged me to be strong.  Love you all for that.

- Jeff

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