Thursday, November 14, 2019

"No gimmicks, all routines use regular cards."

"A collection of routines all based on Dai Vernon’s classic Triumph effect!"

The Vault - Triumph Volume 1 video DOWNLOAD

The basic effect is this: cards mixed face-up and face-down magically righting themselves while at the same time revealing a selected card.

This is an opportunity to learn a classic of magic from the masters, and then see how different performers have taken the core Triumph effect and made it their own.  The classic Dai Vernon routine is taught by master Johnny Thompson (who called this the greatest card trick ever invented), who learned it directly from Dai Vernon.

This is followed by variations by Larry Jennings, Bill Malone, Boris Wild, Jon Armstrong, and James Swain, each providing new twists and presentations to the classic plot. This download is of great value to anybody wanting to study the classic routine, see where other prominent performers have taken the routine, or develop their own routine.
  • Learn the classic routine from a master and new twists and presentations from some of the best thinkers in magic
  • No gimmicks, all routines use regular cards.
  • Routines for all situations: Sitting, standing, no table, etc.


Instantaneously transform the color of your deck AND box, and end with a completely ORDINARY deck of cards!



Do you guys remember when I told you about my spine issue?

It was about a week back.

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