Monday, November 25, 2019

"A shape shifting RING that changes from square to circle!"

How can a square be a circle?   With our new Ambi Ring!

This is a high quality, stainless steel ring (in either black or silver) which allows you to change it's shape depending on the angle you display it!

It also comes with a matching necklace for added value!

Watch the demo:

This tactile piece of illusion is meant as a conversation starter or can be applied to your favorite ring routine.

Choose your favorite style below and we will begin shipping them soon:


How do you tell the difference between ravens and crows?

The long straight tail feathers on these birds are called pinions. Crows are known to have 7 pinions, while ravens have 8. So the difference between a raven and a crow is a matter of "a pinion."

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