Saturday, November 16, 2019

"WOW! Transmit your thoughts to a spectator using THIS!"

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The Receiver by Jimmy Strange - Trick

Construct an examinable cup and string telephone (just like when you were a kid!) that will transmit a message to your spectators without you saying a word.

The 100% customizable gimmick is very easy to use, and the online instructions include how to record your own messages and change the batteries. This is a quirky and unique idea with a very versatile gimmick. Supply your own cups from anywhere!

Watch the demo video:

It could be used close up, on stage, parlor, YouTube or street magic.

Perfect for Halloween, Christmas, weddings, parties or any other special occasion.

Perform as a comedy act, give it a spooky twist or any other style that fits your routine.

You will receive a specially made gimmick for your performance.

Take any paper cups from any coffee shop. Let the spectator handle them freely to see that they are indeed empty.

If you want to WOW your audience with a totally unique piece of magic, then The Receiver is just the right one for you.



We didn't announce anything (until this moment), but we secretly discounted almost 400 items and put them on a 40% off sale!

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Those clearance prices are only good for our current quantities.   Many of those items have only one or two units available at that price.   Once they sell out, the price goes back to normal and they'll be removed from the sale.

So if you see something you like, don't wait.  Get it while it's on the sale, because the price literally can go up a few minutes later if someone else gets it.



Pure Imagination by Scott Robinson - Book

All of Scott Robinson's works available in one place.  304 heavyweight, glossy pages with in excess of 740 color photographs detailing an equal mix of knuckle-busting and easy-to-do material.



Bread is like the sun.

It rises in the yeast and sets in the waist!

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