Monday, June 01, 2009

Preorder Updates

Hope you all had an excellent weekend! Brandi and I actually went to see Dane Cook who was performing in San Jose last night. What a blast that was. I will upload some pics in a future update.

I just wanted to let you know about some PREORDERS that are now available or coming soon.

BLACKOUT by Brian Platt - Now Available!

Back on May 19th, we told you about this effect. Click HERE to read more about it and see a demo video.

Anyway, they are now in stock, available and selling fast. It allows you to do some miraculous disappearances with objects right in front of the spectators eyes!

Available in both US HALF DOLLAR and US QUARTER versions.

Product: Blackout! by Brian Platt

INFINITY V2 thread
- Now Available!

Loops is one of the best selling invisible threads we have in our store. However, the Infinity V2 is our closest competitor right now. It's cheaper in price (when you consider how much thread you get) and it comes in a sweet little carry case. Reminds me of dental floss, only with invisible thread!

We are almost sold out of our first batch but more will be coming if we do. You can check it out right here:

Product: Infinity V2 Thread

IDENTITY by Richard Sanders - Coming Soon!

This hot new effect by one of the industry's most successful creators is scheduled to arrive in our store around the middle of June. I heard the date "June 10th" floating around out there, but I won't know for sure until I actually have them in my hands!

The demo video is really cool as well, so check it out and read more about the effect here:

Product: Identity by Richard Sanders

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