Thursday, February 04, 2010

FREE - Dime & Penny with orders $40.00 and more!


It's time for another free giveaway, and this time we're giving you one of the classics of money magic: the Dime & Penny Illusion!

Small and compact, it can be taken with you no matter where you are. It appeals to all ages and transcends any language barrier!

EFFECT: A Dime and a Penny are shown to your spectator. Magically, the Dime vanishes right before your spectator's eyes! Step-by-step illustrated directions. Animated online teaching. Easy to learn! Bang ring included.

We are giving these away FREE to the next 24 orders that are $40.00 or more. Supplies are limited so place your order today!

Promotion Rules:

This doesn't apply to any orders placed prior to 2/04/10 9:30am, nor can we extend this after we have given away all of our units. Sorry, no exceptions. Thank you for understanding.

The promotion only applies to SINGLE orders. You cannot place two separate orders of $20.00 and then get the $40.00 freebie.

The $40 spent cannot include shipping, tax, or discounts. An order of $35.00 with a $5.00 shipping charge doesn't qualify because you are only spending $35.00 in merchandise. Likewise, an order of $40.00 prior to using a 10% discount coupon will not apply because you are not spending the full $40.00 in our store.

As usual, if you have ANY other questions about this, please contact us by using THIS FORM.

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