Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Upcoming Items!

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you a heads up on some hot new items we're expecting in the near future. One of our suppliers gave us some advanced notice that these were coming soon, so we wanted to pass this information along to you so that you can preorder and get it the day they're released!

Click the pictures or the links below to purchase!

Keymaster (DVD and Props) by Craig Petty – DVD

1: Two keys are shown to the spectator
2: Spectator holds onto one of the keys
3: The hole in your key is visibly removed. 1st W.T.F moment!
4: Spectator discovers two holes in their key. 2nd W.T.F moment!
5: Spectator now holds onto your blank key
6: You visibly remove one of the holes from your key. 3rd W.T.F moment!
7: Spectator finds a hole in the shaft of their key. 4th W.T.F moment!
8: Everything can be examined! W.T.F
9: Precision made keys and instructional DVD supplied.

KEYMASTER also comes with the additional GATEKEEPER routine using only one key.

"W.T.F. When is that out? I need this!" Alan Rorrison

Cansposed (DVD and Props) by Carl Leek – DVD

Imagine asking a spectator to choose any drink and, no matter what they have chosen, you crack open a sealed can and pour out their drink. This modern day version of the Magic Kettle will blow your audience away. Any drink chosen can appear in the can! This is not just another card trick! Using an everyday item, this incredible effect will be remembered by your spectators for a long time to come. Cansposed was created by Carl Leek & Wizard FX Productions. Look out for other effects from Wizard FX Productions including KEYMASTER, WIZARD DARK, COINVEXED, MORE BANDING AROUND & THE MIRAGE COIN SET. Gimmick & Instructional DVD

Scorched by Nopera Whitley

"A revelation that will literally FRY them!"

A selected card is scorched into another playing card.

"Endless routine possibilities...the hottest way to reveal any card, word, name and more!"

Routines Include:

•Scorched - a selected card is burnt in to another card with a flash of fire."
•Heart Burn - a heart is burnt onto a card with only your fingers. Includes smoke from fingers.
•Words and Names - great for book test and mentalism routines.
And other ideas from Andrew Gerard!

DVD and Gimmicks included

NOTE: Some routines require flash paper which isn't included. Basic tools are required to make the scorched gimmick and should be available anywhere and not much cost either.

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