Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Gecko Extreme - PREORDER NOW

THE GECKO EXTREME by Andy Amyx: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-gecko-extreme-by-andy-amyx-dvd-p-11051.html

It's been a while since I've sent out a store newsletter, so you know that this must really be exciting news for us to email all our customers right now!

We have lots of new and exciting products being added to the store, but the one we're most excited about is The Gecko Extreme by our good friend, Andy Amyx! If you don't already own the original Gecko, YOU HAVE TO GET IT! In fact, we are running a special right now, so if you purchase the Gecko Extreme, we will give you an ADDITIONAL 10% off the original Gecko if you purchase it at the same time!

So what is The Gecko Extreme?

Watch the video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnfEA0JaCj4):

As with the original Gecko you could vanish borrowed objects in an instant. With the Gecko Extreme upgrade, you can accomplish those same fantastic vanishes AND TRANSFORM their item in full view. The Gecko Extreme is designed to work WITH and supercharge your original Gecko.

With ALL NEW gimmicks, new training and performance material straight from the creators, The Gecko Extreme pushes the original Gecko beyond it's boundaries.

NOTE: You must own the original Gecko to be able to use the Gecko Extreme

The Gecko Extreme includes:

• The Gecko Tail (GT) which allows you to transform those objects as well as vanish them. To have the ability to make an object dissapear is a fantastic feat in magic. But, to CHAGE the molecular structure of an object that your SPECTATOR just handed to you... now that's the type of magic that put you on the recognition list. The Gecko Tail (GT) is your key element to making your Gecko work this feat.

• The Gecko Quick (GQ) - GQ is a new “holster” for the Gecko, so you can hook up even faster and cleaner than before. The original Gecko is not complete without this quick hook up. Now, you can allow your hand to use it's open finger and natural movements up until the LAST SECONDS. Use the Gecko Quick to load up on-the-fly and keep your performance as natural as the wind.

• A new Full-featured training DVD by Andy Amyx that goes into EVEN MORE DETAIL about what can be possible with the Gecko using the Gecko Extreme:

• GT Sugar Transformation
• GT Dollar Bill Exchange
• Back Hand Vanish
• Thumb Palm Exchanges
• Rub-Away Vanish
• Pick Up Vanish
• Subtleties
• Crystal Ball Revelation
• Ring Vanish
• Snowstorm
• Arm Band
• T-Shirt Vanish
• Quad Transposition

PREORDER IT HERE: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/the-gecko-extreme-by-andy-amyx-dvd-p-11051.html

We should have all preorders ready to ship the day these arrive in roughly 1-2 weeks. Once all our inventory is presold, there may not be any left so it's important you get yours today!

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