Friday, August 13, 2010

Wow - Magician Jim Pace incarcerated for 13+ years?!

Thanks to the guys at iTricks for publishing this one. Even though I'm the owner of MJM Magic, I admit that I'm usually too busy running the day-to-day operations to try and keep track of ALL the news in the industry.

So I was pretty shocked to hear that magician Jim Pace appears to be locked up in prison for 13+ years.

Now I obviously cannot confirm or deny any of the charges, and I can only go off what I see listed at the Oregon Department of Corrections. However, it's a shame to read about this. Jim has contributed a lot to the magic community with some best selling effects like Hot Leads and The Web. While I certainly don't condone any illegal activity, I'm still in shock that Jim was (it appears) found guilty and charged with these crimes.

Anyway, I thought I would pass this story onto the readers of the MJM Blog.

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