Thursday, September 30, 2010

MJM Update: Johnson Items, Sleeve Star, and more!


Breaking news (beep beep beep beep)! You like that? It's my impression of an interupted news broadcast, although it doesn't translate quite as nice via email! of the requests we've always gotten over the past few years is, "Do you carry any Johnson products?"

(And no, we're not talking about baby shampoo!)

Well, I am happy to announce that MJM Magic has partnered up with Johnson Precision Magic, and we now offer their full range of products! Ask anyone in the industry, and they will tell you HANDS DOWN that Johnson Magic products are at the TOP of the pack. Their quality is second to none, and they've been setting the standard for gimmicked coins for years.

Now, if you're looking for something less pricey, we recommend our Tango line of products. But if you're a coin worker who wants to stand apart from the rest, and looking to have our own Johnson line of products, you can now pick them up right here with us!

They have everything from flippers, locking coins, scotch & soda, and even nice brass BANG RINGS to assist with those hard to separate shells!

And if you're not into coins, we highly recommend their CHOP CUP or their CUPS AND BALLS which are both used by so many professionals out there for their durability and quality:

Most of these are special order right now, but as time goes on and more people place orders, you will see us having them in stock for immediate delivery. Right now though, most will ship in roughly 4-7 business days after you place your order with us until we build up our stock levels.

SLEEVE STAR - The Unbelievable Coin Transposition!

You're going to start hearing a LOT about this effect from all kinds of magic dealers, and for good reason. It will BLOW YOU AWAY, not just your spectators!

So you want to know what REAL MAGIC looks like? Then pick up Sleeve Star! b. You put one hand behind your back before the performance even starts. You then get someone to SIGN a coin and place it into your other hand. With no funny moves, the coin disappears and ends up in your hand, which has been behind your back the ENTIRE TIME!

The demand for this is going to be high, and I have to be honest: we're only getting a small supply. So we wanted to make a point to publish this in our newsletter to give you a heads up EARLY, so you could preorder and be guaranteed to get it when it comes out.

Click the link below to see more demos and read more about this amazing effect!


The reviews are pouring in, and it's official: Highflyer by Peter Eggink is one of our hottest selling items, three months and counting!

Here's what some of you have had to say:

"This looks really good and using the gimmick for a rise is very creative." -- Steve Haynes, creator of Hand Out 500

"I think this effect is brilliant with the gimmick and the routine. It is so visual, and easy to clean up, and reset. I prefer this effect over Hawk 2.0, even though I like both. " -- Phil (Merlin) at The Magic Cafe

"It is just as visual in person as in the video. The fact that the card floats while the spectator is holding the deck is a nice touch." -- Gustavo Garcia

"I just got mine and went through the DVD and played with the gimmick and routine. Very clever thinking here and I like it a lot! The gimmick is easy to work with so far. But of course I'll have to actually practice with it and try it out a few times in a real situation before I give a real assessment of the effect. But so far, Thumbs up from me. This is better than 'The Hawk'." -- Voldemort from The Magic Cafe

"I received Highflyer a few days ago and I must say I am very happy with my purchase. The visuals of the effect are fantastic, and the gimmick works like a charm. You can use either a signature or a sticker though I believe the visuals are better with a signature( though I guess it depends on the sticker as well). I also feel this is very practical for walkaround work. The reset is easy and simple. The final floating phase is also very clever and looks great. The ability to place the deck on the spectators fingers and cause the card to shoot up like a magnet to your fingertips is very cool. All in all, I thought Highflyer was an excellent purchase. " -- zmakingmagic at The Magic Cafe

If you haven't gotten yours yet, then what are you waiting for?! Click this link to read more about it and watch the demo:


For a limited time, we are giving away a free Crimson Deck with the purchase of the Sheridan Course in Card Manipulation. That way, you have a deck of cards to immediately begin practicing all the new moves you'll learn!

This is a 3 DVD set, geared towards all levels of magicians. Whether you're a beginner at card manipulation, or an advanced pasteboard handler, you will find value in this DVD. Granted, I can't handle cards to save my life (just see in this video), but even a knucklehead like me is able to improve my card handling skills from watching this.

Over 6 HOURS of footage!

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