Thursday, September 08, 2011

New Navigation on our Website!

As usual, whenever we make updates or improvements to our website, we like to inform our customers about it!

We just did a minor update today, but it's going to help you out with your shopping experience at MJM Magic. In fact, the change is so minor, you probably wouldn't notice it unless we pointed it out, but you will see that it's going to save you even more time when navigating our website.

1. Added Checkout button the sidebox of our website!

In the past, when you added an item to your shopping cart, and if you wanted to continue shopping, we always listed the current items in your shopping cart on the right hand side of the webpage like this:

However, if you wanted to check out from here, you had to scroll to the TOP of the webpage, click the checkout link to be taken to the shopping cart page......and then hit the Checkout button from there. Yikes, so many clicks!

Well not anymore! Now, we have added a checkout button directly to the shopping cart sidebox, and you can simply click that to be taken to our checkout page directly!

2. Shopping Cart Link from sidebox

Similar to above, let's say that you wanted to go to your Shopping Cart to edit the items in there. In the past, we listed the items in the Shopping Cart sidebox (see graphic above), but if you wanted to actually go to the Shopping Cart, you still had to scroll to the TOP of the website and click the Shopping Cart link (see below).

Well now, you can simply click the "Shopping Cart" title in the sidebox and it will take you directly there as well.

We hope those two little navigation improvements really help you out!

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