Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween 20% Discount at MJM Magic


If you're reading this newsletter, then you're way ahead of everyone else! Why? Because we are secretly announcing a special 20% Halloween Coupon only to our newsletter subscribers!

Normally, we offer a 10% discount but now through Halloween, if you spend $75.00 or more, you can get a 20% discount instead! Nothing scary about that!

All you have to do is the following:

1. Add $75.00 or more into your order
2. Use the following coupon code on our checkout page: halloween
3. Any "on sale" item in your order will be discounted an ADDITIONAL 20% off the sale price! *

* Keep in mind that price protected items, or items which are not on sale, will not be discounted by the coupon due to restrictions imposed by the vendor of those items. Everything else is fair game!

If you aren't spending $75.00 or more, then you are still free to use any other coupons you normally would use. This is just a special coupon for those spending $75.00 or more between now through October 31st.

- Expires October 31st
- Doesn't apply to any orders placed or processed before October 28th, no exceptions.
- Coupon only good one time per customer
- Doesn't apply towards gift certificate purchases
- Only applies towards single orders. We cannot combine two smaller orders to make one bigger one.

For any questions about this promotion, please email us!



We announced the worldwide release of these decks last week, and they've quickly become a best seller! Perfect for Halloween, make sure you stock up on them since you can only get them from MJM Magic!

Price: $8.95 (or only $7.95 if you buy three or more)

And don't forget......

PULL TOP (Gimmicks and DVD)

You want organic magic, something you can carry with you and astonish people with real world objects? Then check out PULL TOP by Mr. Maric. Imagine being able to link two pull tops from soda cans, very visually and easily! Pull tops are easily recognized by everyone, and can be found almost anywhere. Don't miss this opportunity to pick up this item from MJM Magic!

Price: $69.99

WORMHOLE- A self-working signed card to pocket for only $30.00! Check out our video demo!
Price: $30.00

STAND UP MONTE (Back In Stock!!) - A monte routine you have to see to believe! This will be one of your favorite tricks to perform!
Price: $30.00

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