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MJM Holiday Exclusive - Collateral (DVD) plus free Crimson Deck!

MJM Magic Holiday Exclusive!

We are excited to bring you something this holiday that is PROVEN to be a success! In today's magic market, we all see a lot of what I'd call "one trick ponies." They are effects which usually cost $30.00 to $35.00, and teach you one visual trick. Many times, this one trick is very angly, or best performed while standing directly in front of one or two people. They make great YouTube videos, but in the real world, they're not very practical. Plus once you pull it off, the trick is over and time to move onto something else.

We wanted to find something different for our customers this holiday season. We wanted something that was PROVEN to be an award winning routine that would be organic, interactive, and NOT be a one trick pony!

Introducing COLLATERAL by Diamond Jim Tyler!

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Effect: Imagine being able to take a spectator's borrowed ring, and create an entire routine around it. You visually and fairly put it on a leather string. They see it there. There is no doubt that the ring is trapped on the string. And yet, over and over, you make it penetrate from off the string!

The ring seems to disappear off the string in a MULTITUDE of ways! One minute, it appears in your hand. The next time you do it, it actually shows up ON YOUR FINGER. Another minute, it seems to melt right through string with no cover whatsoever!

And the best part of the COLLATERAL FINALE! You put YOUR RING into a small envelope, and you have them hold it as collateral. "That way," you explain, "if something happens to their ring, then they can keep yours." Now imagine that their ring vanishes from the string completely. It's gone. They're freaked out, and wanting to know where their ring went. The envelope that they've been holding is brought out, and they see THEIR RING get poured out of the envelope right into their hand! NO WAY!!!

Points to Consider:

- This isn't a one trick pony! This is an ENTIRE ROUTINE! That means you actually INTERACT with your spectators. Unlike other effects, this isn't something you need to perform for one person due to angles or awkward handling. This routine will stand on it's own!

- No fancy clothing needed. You don't need any long sleeves, dress jackets, or button up shirts. Perform this routine in whatever environment works best for you! Anywhere, anytime!

- Priced especially low! It's only $25.00! That's way cheaper than many one trick ponies out there, and for $25.00, you get to learn the entire award winning RING & STRING ROUTINE, an instructional DVD, the Collateral Finale, two leather laces and other necessary props! Usually something like this would cost $35.00 or more, so we are offering it to you for a real bargain!

- Instant reset! When you're done, you are ready to move on and perform it again. Perfect for street performers or table hopping!

- For a limited time, all of our MJM Magic customers who order this will also get our bestselling Crimson Resurrection card deck for FREE! Seriously! We are throwing in this deck (valued at $8.95 each) for free when you purchase this $25.00 item! You don't need to jump through any hoops to get this! Just purchase from any of the links on this page and the deck is shipped with the item for free!

- Did we mention that we're the only company to carry this item through the holidays? Well we are! No one else is going to have this until next year sometime, and you won't be getting any free decks with them either!

So preorder this today from MJM Magic! The free Crimson Deck is only being given away for a limited time!

Price: only $25.00 (with free Crimson deck included - LIMITED TIME)

We expect to begin shipping around December 13th (date subject to change, this is just the initial release date).

NOTE: Since this is a preorder and won't ship until around the 13th, we recommend that you place this as a SEPARATE order from anything else. You don't have to do that, of course......but if you add other items, then understand that the entire order will be held until this preorder arrives in our store so that we ship everything at one time.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic

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