Friday, April 12, 2013

"A SHOCKING announcement!"


It's finally shipping!  The much awaiting Electric Touch PLUS is en route to our store!  This is a BIG RELEASE, and if you don't know anything about Electric Touch, I can sum it up for you in one word: SHOCKING!

See why guys like David Blaine, Cyril, and Criss Angel all had great things to say about this device!

Imagine being able to deliver an electrostatic shock to anyone, ON COMMAND!  Of course, you wouldn't just walk up to people and shock them.  You would build up the suspense, draw them into the moment, and then make that CONNECTION!

Just check out the demo video here:

The best part is that when you order this here at MJM Magic, we are giving you +20 Reward Points back, or $20.00 that you can use on your next order!

We are only getting a very LIMITED SUPPLY of these.  Once they sell out, they may be gone for months (and usually are because of the high demand).

If you already preordered it, yours will ship out on Monday so don't worry about it.


If you haven't picked up the accessory pack for the Electric Touch Plus, then you can add that to your order right here:



If you like intermediate card tricks, then I recommend Color Aces!  It comes with all the cards you need and an Instructional DVD to teach you the routine!  I am a sucker for packet tricks (always have been), and this is something you can carry with you at all times.  Plus, it uses one of the best sleights in all of card magic: the Elmsley Count!  That sleight is probably one of my all time favorite moves!

So check out Color Aces, which is less than $20.00 and we still give you another +2 Reward Points back!


For a limited time, purchase SSS by Shin Lim and get DOUBLE REWARD POINTS BACK to you!  SSS teaches you how to make your own Silent Sleeveless Smoke, which you can produce from your hands, mouth, or even underneath an object!   Check out the demo video here:

This is only $30.00, but we are giving you +6 Reward Points for purchasing it with us through the weekend!  That's $6.00 back that you get to use on your next order with us!    Expires soon so if you haven't already picked up SSS by Shin Lim, let now be the time!

Your friend in magic,
- Jeff Mash
MJM Magic, Inc.

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