Friday, September 22, 2017

"One of the BEST and EASIEST card tricks to perform! Anytime, anywhere!"

Las Vegas Leaper by Paul Harris - video DOWNLOAD
"One of the best and EASIEST card tricks to perform!  Anytime, anywhere!"
Imagine that you have the spectator count ten cards which they hold in their own hand.   Remember, THEY count the cards themselves and they hold onto them.   You then take another ten cards in your own hand.
Not once, not twice, but three times, you make cards disappear from your hand!   Like magic, you show that you only have 7 cards left. 
BUT THE KICKER: The spectator now counts the packet they've been holding the entire time, and they have 13 cards instead of 10!   The three cards magically travelled into their packet (AND YOU CAME NOWHERE NEAR IT)!
This is Las Vegas Leaper by Paul Harris, and it's a CLASSIC in card magic!   I don't know anyone who has ever said anything bad about it.
  • You can do this with a borrowed deck
  • You can do this on the spot
  • You can do this walk around (no table needed)
  • Best of all, you can now DOWNLOAD AND LEARN THIS TODAY (nothing to ship, it's accessible online!)
And with a new twist, you can do this with MONEY!   Just watch the amazing (and cute) demo video to see Las Vegas Leaper in action:
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I thought about inventing a pencil with an eraser at both ends.   But I didn't see the point.

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