Friday, October 06, 2017

"This trick will gain you TONS of followers on social media!"

IG by Josh Janousky - DOWNLOAD

Imagine this.   You have a spectator shuffle a pack of cards and select one of them.

You then have them take THEIR PHONE, open THEIR INSTAGRAM APP, and have them go to your Instagram page.   They scroll down and see that MONTHS AGO, you happened to post a picture of the exact same card that they happened to pick!

But that's not all: the CAPTION on the photo is PERSONALIZED, even mentioning THEIR NAME and WHAT THEY WOULD BE WEARING!

Let that sink in:
  • The photo was posted months in the past.
  • The card in the photo matches their selection.
  • The CAPTION on the picture mentions their NAME and the OUTFIT they would be wearing.
  • They use their own phone to see it.
Watch the demo video here:

The best part is that you have now exposed your Instagram page to them (and whatever crowd of people happens to be watching you perform this miracle)!   They can take a screenshot of your personalized prediction and they will end up sharing it on their own social media pages.

CONGRATULATIONS - you just performed a miracle and consequently exposed your Instagram account to countless numbers of people, thus increasing your popularity and opening up future doors for yourself!

DOWNLOAD THIS TODAY and begin performing this at your next event:


I was fired from the keyboard factory today.   I wasn't putting in enough shifts.

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