Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Fun new MJM items: Banshees Advanced, iTime Rewind, Citrus

How's everyone doing today?   Over here, we are preparing for the holidays, and formulating some new promotions to offer you!

In the meantime, we wanted to share with you some newly released items that have just been released (or will be here on Monday).

BANSHEES ADVANCED: Cards for Throwing

Have you ever tried to throw a regular playing card?   Not that impressive right?  Now imagine if you fed your cards nothing but steroids and testosterone, what would you get?  You'd get BANSHEES - the ultimate cards for throwing at things!

These completely sold out when they first were released, and now, this ADVANCED version is sure to get your cards flying at their target like a Japanese Samurai warrior!

Whether you're wanting to show off for friends, or you want a cheap alternative to dart throwing in your garage, pick up a deck of these amazing cards today:


Banshees Advanced - Cards for Throwing

iTime Rewind: Travel back in time!!!

I once wished I had the power to turn back time.   It involved an embarrassing moment when I was dared to go into the girl's bathroom in 6th grade, and then my friends held the door closed so I couldn't get out.  HORRIFYING!

If only I had learned about this new effect, I could have turned back time and avoided the humiliation!


iTime Rewind - Travel back in time!

CITRUS: Next Generation Bill to Fruit

What's that saying go?  When life throws you lemons, make lemonade?   Except if you're into magic, that is.  Then we take that lemon and perform a miracle with it!

Designed to work in three versions:
Citrus - Next Generation Bill to Fruit

STUNGUM: The latest in GUM Magic

Who doesn't like gum?  I like gum!   YOU like gum!   Everyone likes gum.....unless they are weird, and possibly from an alien planet.

So with gum being a common thing, why wouldn't you want to use it in your magic?   Works great to meet people too.  "Excuse me, your breath kind of smells.   Would you like to see this trick with gum?"

Just kidding, DON'T DO THAT.   But you can easily use better patter to stun your audience with this new effect!


StunGum - Latest in Gum Magic


A blonde and her husband are watching the news...

The Newscaster says: "Two Brazilian men died while skydiving when their tandem parachute didn’t open."

The blonde bursts into tears.

Husband (comforting her): I know its sad, honey, but people need to know that there’s a risk while skydiving.

Blonde: But that’s a lot of people. How many is a Brazilian?

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