Friday, June 26, 2020

"60% OFF - Visual, Practical Material for Card Magicians!"

"These THREE MOVES are all you need to blow people's minds!"

Hollywood by Alex Pandrea - DVD

There's a saying that says, "If you learn three card tricks, you can only perform three tricks.  But if you learn three card MOVES, then you could perform HUNDREDS of tricks!"

This DVD is great because you will learn some incredibly VISUAL and DECEPTIVE card sleights.   These sleights will give you so much mileage, because the possibilities for using them are endless!

Watch the demo:

You will learn a SWITCH, a COLOR CHANGE, and a CONTROL.   With each of those, you can use them in a countless number of ways.  Think about it.  Being able to switch one card for another, or control a card from the MIDDLE of the pack into the top or bottom position, etc.

The best part - you can get all of this for a FRACTION of the regular price!

Order today from MJM Magic and save 60% OFF!  Supplies are limited though!

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