Wednesday, December 16, 2020

"Here's how to predict one or many numbers on a spectator's phone."


"You will have TOTAL control of the contact list on any iPhone or Android!"

CONTACTUM by Magic Pro Ideas - Trick

If you're a techie person, then you know how powerful apps can be.  By using your phone, you can literally perform miracles that would otherwise be impossible.   Why wouldn't you use this tool when you carry it every day?

With the upcoming app, Contactum, you will be able to predict what numbers a spectator will randomly choose on a BORROWED PHONE!

Check it out:

  • Set it up in seconds and always have it ready to perform.
  • Very easy to perform.
  • Instructional videos and performance inside the app.
  • Contactum automatically detects the spectator's phone!

Order it today and we will ship as soon as it's released!



SKY CUBE by Julio Montoro

SKY CUBE (Gimmicks and online Instructions) by Julio Montoro - Trick

Attention all you Rubik's lovers!   You take a mini-Rubik's cube, and even though it's completely mixed up, it magically changes into one solid color that can be fully examined!

Follow that up with another phase where you smash it completely flat, and then change it back to a colored flat cube!

A nice walk around routine, with the added benefit of carrying a mini-cube.   Perfect for pocket space magic!


SWITCHVELOPE - Change Anything To Something Else!

SWITCHVELOPE (Gimmicks and online Instructions) by The Craziest - Trick

An organic way of changing ANY flat thing that you want. It can be a card, a bill, a business card,... AND change the "load" in less than 10 seconds easily! Includes 3 routines:

  •  Signed card to envelope
  •  Any city named to envelope
  •  Where's the card routine

Buy Today -



A guy rides his motorcycle through the border from Spain to France every week carrying two bags of sand.

The border guard searched the bags every time, but never found anything, so he had to let him through.

The guard has his last day at work before retiring and the guy comes to the border again, carrying his two bags of sand.

The guard says, "Look, man, it's my last day, I'm not going to bust you. You're clearly smuggling something across the border all this time but we never find anything, what is it."

The guy says, "I'm smuggling motorcycles."


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