Sunday, June 27, 2021

"You have never seen a ring flight like this!"



FLYYY (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction) by Julio Montoro - Trick

This is an INCREDIBLE TWO-IN-ONE deal that you will use in your walk-around performances!

Make a borrowed ring show up miraculously on your key chain in the spectator's hand.....-OR-..........make a prediction show up inside of a plastic window on your key chain!

Watch the demo:

You give the keys to the spectator, or keep them on the table from the beginning. Now, you take the spectator's ring and TRANSFORM the ring into a permanent circle drawn on the palm of your hand.

Right after that, you make that circle vanish from your hand and it travels to the keys in the spectator's hand. The ring now is there, attached to the key ring!

But, do you want to know the best part about FLYYY? It includes the ring flight, but ALSO The Pocket Master Prediction where on a handwritten paper INSIDE a sealed plastic brick ON the key ring that the magician has NOT been the spectator's word.

Pick up FLYYY (Ring Flight + Pocket Master Prediction) right here:

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ATTENTION - Playing Card Collectors!

Five Elements Playing Cards Wooden Collection Set with 5 Dice by TCC

Check out this latest collector item! 

Five decks of cards are quietly displayed inside a beautifully designed wooden box. The patterns at the bottom of the deck work together to form a continuous and interrelated matrix from which the magic of the mysterious five elements seems ready to burst.

Five elements playing cards will be sold only as a set, limited to 1000 with numbered certificates.

Comes with a wooden gift box, like a small box sealed with magical powers. It is made of solid wood and weighs a lot. The lock on pure copper is full of exquisite carve patterns and flowers, let the suit go up in detail faultless.

Each set includes 5 die in same face and match 5 different element colors (Mental-gold, Wood-brown, Water- blue, Fire-red, Earth-yellow).




I tried to buy something from a perfume vending machine, but it was broken.

It just had a sign on it that said, "Out of Odor".


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