Wednesday, February 09, 2022

"This is a revolutionary UPGRADE to a magician's best kept secret!"

"Special Offer for the next 24 customers who want it!!"

The thumb tip might be the most versatile thing you can carry in your pocket.  It's small, undetectable, and you can produce, vanish, and transform objects with it.  

But did you know that Rocco has created a revolutionary upgrade to the thumb tip which actually allows you to produce an object from your FINGERTIPS while still showing your hands COMPLETELY EMPTY?

In other words, you don't have to palm the T.T., then pull something out of your fist, and then put it back on like a traditional tip.   With the FLIPP TIP, you can show your hands empty and still produce items from your fingertips without palming anything!

Watch the video:

It's like having a normal thumb tip but on STEROIDS!

Oh, and did you check out the PRICE?  Yesterday, this would cost you $35.00.   Today, you can have it for only $11.99!  That's 65% OFF the regular price!

  • This clearance price is only available to the next 24 customers who purchase it.
  • After that, the price goes back up to it's regular price.

With purchase, you will get access to the online English video instructions which will teach you how to unlock the full potential of this amazing device.

Ready to ship yours TODAY!  Place your order using this link to get the special pricing (only while supplies last):



In case you have been living in a cave, you probably know all about our new QUANTUM DECK that we just advertised a couple days ago.   If you missed it, check it out here:

As we feared, we literally SOLD OUT of our initial preorder batch within the first 12 hours of launching this product!  That's AMAZING, especially when you consider that we had reserved 4 TIMES our normal amount of supply.

Now, the GOOD NEWS is that if you preordered the item with us on February 4th or 5th, then CONGRATULATIONS!  You will be getting yours on-time as early as next week!

If you preordered AFTER that date, then you're already first in line to get the next available batch.   This originally was scheduled for sometime in MAY........but we're being told that we will have some more as early as next month.

So if you haven't yet preordered this one, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to order it now and reserve your spot in line for the upcoming March batch.  The longer you wait, the higher the chances that these March units will be presold to other customers.

Preorder Quantum Deck:



What did the fisherman say to the magician?

Pick a cod. Any cod.


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