Wednesday, January 11, 2023

A wine glass that COLLAPSES?! What a great idea!


"What a brilliant idea for any traveling magician!"

If you perform magic in any type of venue, then we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get one of these.

As you know, performing card tricks for larger audiences can be tough, because of you put a card down on the table, no one is going to be able to see it (unless they are in the front row).

But when you put a card into a wine glass, it's VERTICAL so it remains in plain site for those in the very back row.

But glass breaks, and traveling with a wine glass is full of pitfalls.  

So check out Josh Jay's COLLAPSIBLE WINE GLASS:

  • Vintage inspired wine glass specifically designed to hold an entire deck of cards with a squared-off bowl.
  • 2 part glass dissembles in seconds for easy, compact travel.
  • Shatter resistant design with Ballistic foam carry case.

Order yours here:



So I logged into our website today, as usual, to help out customers........and I noticed it was responding very slow.  

When I checked to see why, I noticed we were being attacked from a Russian source, sending THOUSANDS of connections at our website (which slows things down).

In fact, by 10:00am this morning, our website had almost 100,000 connections made to it (normally we might get only 3,000 all day, so you can see how CRAZY this was).

Here is a graphic to show you the amount of connections today when compared to the days prior:

The good news is that it looks like we have the issue taken care of.........things are back running smoothly again.    Unfortunately, we had to permanently block all customers from Russia though, because we cannot trust the traffic coming from that part of the world.

And if attacked once, it's sure to happen we are praying that we are equipped to quickly stop it again.

On a side note: if any of our customers are proficient in coding (PHP, JSON, etc) or network administration (WHM, cPanel, Linux, etc) and would like to volunteer to help Brandi and I out, please reach out because we might be in need of some technical assistance!



Why do you duck when the ceiling is low?

So you don’t quack your head


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