Saturday, December 02, 2023

Let OTHERS buy your magic for you. Here's how!


"Be sure to use this feature during the next few weeks!"

MJM Magic Wishlist

The holidays are upon us, and people are already asking, "What do you want for Christmas?"  

Most people who shop for you probably think a "double lift" is an exercise routine.   So letting them blindly shop for you is risky.

But what if you could email them ONE LINK which contains ALL the MJM Magic items you're interested in owning?


At MJM Magic, you can add any item you want into your FAVORITES (Wish List).   You can then TEXT or EMAIL that list to anyone.   They can then purchase the items you want, and you don't have to worry about getting a set of dumbbells for Christmas!

Just like Amazon, you can SAVE products that you're interested in, and keep them in a separate Wish List called "My Favorites!"   Sort your list based on priority, and even send the list to others to purchase directly from your most wanted items!


Next to each item on our website, you'll either see a little 'heart" symbol like this (), or you can click the 'Add to Favorites" button on the product page (next to the Add to Cart button):

My Favorites Cart Button



Whenever you want to review your Favorites list, simply click the "My Favorites" link on the top of the MJM Magic webpage:


My Favorites Header



  1. Add items you want to your Wish List using the steps above.
  1. To share your wishlist, go to My Favorites area here, and then click the button that says 'Share Your Favorites Wish List".  (You must be logged into your own account to do this)
  1. Text or email that link to your friends or family!  

Share Favorites



Maybe you're having trouble finding products to add to your Wish List.   Here are some helpful links that may help find the products you're looking for!

TRENDING ITEMS - If you want to know what OTHERS are buying, this is the place to look.   All these items are popular right now, and if they've been recently purchased, they will show up here.    CLICK TO VIEW OUR TRENDING ITEMS

NEW RELEASES - We have brand new releases added to our website every day.  Many sell out quickly because everyone wants the latest and greatest items!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THEM

LAST CHANCE ITEMS - Like people, all our products have a lifespan.   Many are restocked, but most will go away forever.   If you hate FOMO and want to own something before it's gone, this is the place to look.  None of these items will return after the last one sells!  CLICK TO VIEW ALL LAST CHANCE ITEMS

GIFT CERTIFICATES - Ahhhhh yes.   The tried and true gift that always is appreciated!   If you don't yet know what you want for the holidays, add some of these Gift Certificates to your Wish List!   When someone gifts you one, a digital balance will be put into your account that you can use to deduct off your future purchases!   CLICK TO VIEW ALL GIFT CERTIFICATES



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