Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dan Sperry Live Telecast on iTricks Clinic

Dan Sperry (creator of our best selling Crimson Deck) recently did a live telecast over the internet for the iTricks Clinic. To watch it, just click the video below.

Here is what Dan had to say about it:

Thank you to everybody that showed up and participated in the iTricks clinic. I had a blast hanging out with you guys and this wasn't so much the clinic hosted by ME but hosted by all of us together. I wanted this to just be a fun time to jam out and chat, talk magic, and just hang as equals. Often times I see so many magicians use podcasts, videocasts, etc as soap boxes to drop names and talk about how great they are and it in no way relates to the people they are sharing this time with and only stroking their own ego and fueling their own self dellusions. I didn't want to be somebody like that but show you that I, like many people, started simple with the birthday parties and ran the gamut of all kinds of venues since I first started. I wanted to share that I'm not different, no more special or anything than anybody etc etc. Sure I had the couple shameless plugs haha but I hope that you all had fun and got something out of it and hopefully we can get together and party again some time soon. As I say in the beginning of literally every show: We are sharing what has been called your most valuable possession and that is your time because it is something that you give away and you can never get it back. So thank you for sharing a little of your time with me and with each other. As lame as it may sound I really believe that and I hope I did not waste any of your time. Thank you to all of you and to iTricks, this was a blast!

Thanks to our buds over at iTricks for hosting this. We recommend you checkout their site daily for all the latest in magic news:

NOTE: The first part of the video is just making sure things are working properly....Dan will pop on shortly afterwards to do his telecast.

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