Friday, July 24, 2009

FREE Brass Disc Escape with orders over $125 for a limited time!

From now until they sell out, orders that are over $125.00 will automatically receive a free "Brass Disc Escape!" This normally retails for $25.00 by itself, but we are throwing it in for free for qualifying orders on this special promotion.

Effect: Five colored brass discs are displayed. The spectator is asked to flip the discs over and mix them up, hiding the different colors. The spectator selects a disc and is asked to place all the face down discs in the container. The container is sealed and a string is run through its center. Magically, the performer is able to make the selected disc escape from the string of discs and drop out of the chamber!

NOTE: This item will be automatically added to your shopping cart if your order qualifies!

Rules and Regulations:

  • Only valid on first 36 orders over $125.00. No exceptions! Thank you for understanding. This includes orders which were placed prior to this promotion but still haven't been processed/shipped yet.
  • The amount spent cannot be added from more than one order. Having two separate orders at $75.00 each doesn't qualify you for the $125.00 freebie.
  • The freebies apply to the TOTAL amount you SPEND (after any discounts are applied). Tax and shipping charges do not count towards the total. An order of $120.00 with $5.00 shipping does not qualify for the $125.00 freebie because only $120.00 was spent on products.
Once it's over, the promotion will be removed and the item will not be automatically added to your shopping cart. We have put a counter on the front of our page so that you can see a real time display of how many are left!

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