Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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In Action Volume 1:
Routines performed and explained: The Backstage Pass, Body Piercing, Weighted Aces, The Tell, Pitch & Ditch, Jumping Gemini, Coin In Watch, Band Thru Wrist, Fistful Of Dollars, Reset With A Hook, Box Spring, Card To Pocket, and Hundy 500 (performance only). Running time: Approximately 112 minutes.

In Action Volume 2:
Routines performed and explained: Kissing Up, Vanish 5000, Off Base, Flat-Out Monte, Vernon's Boat Trick (performance only), Head Trip, Coin thru Table/Credit Card thru Table, Coin From Head, Multi-Color Pen, Blind Date, Learner’s Permit To Thrill, Recap, Dishonest Abe, and Sticks And Stones (performance only). Running time: Approximately 82 minutes.

In Action Volume 3:
Routines performed and explained: Time Card, The Slot Machine Scam, Chip On Shoulder, Cut Throat, Foreign Affair, Garret Thomas' The Ring Thing, Son Of A Switch, Stunt Double, Bounce No-Bounce, and King-Size Travelers. Includes Wilson's 20-minute (performance-only) stand-up comedy magic show from a top casino-resort in Lake Tahoe. Running time: Approximately 106 minutes.

Encoded for worldwide viewing.

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