Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oz Pearlman runs 100 Mile Marathon!

Many of you know who Oz Pearlman is. In my opinion, he puts out a lot of great products, and his teaching is so great, you can tell that he really wants you to perform well and be successful.

What many of you don't know is that he is an accomplished runner, often competing (and WINNING) national and international races!

Recently, Maxwell Murphy (co-founder of Penguin Magic) had the opportunity to support Oz in an astonishing 100 Mile Race. That's not a typo - he ran 100 miles in just under 20 hours! From what I understand, this race was through rough terrain, across rivers, through canyons, and over snowy mountains.......making it even that much more difficult.

Most people don't stay AWAKE for 20 hours, let alone RUN! This was a huge accomplishment for Oz, and we are happy to share his success story with you.

I spoke with Maxwell and asked his permission to post this video on the MJM Magic blog, because I think it's inspiring to people on so many different levels.

While it may seem trivial to some ("So what, he's running a race!"), there is a deeper message there. He is achieving a goal that was previously impossible to conceive. He did what most people would never THINK of doing. He is inspiring others to go after whatever they think isn't possible. The list goes on.

So check out this video, courtesy of Maxwell Murphy, showing Oz in his element and competing in one of the most grueling and life changing experiences.

Oz - Continue to be an inspiration to people, my friend!

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