Friday, May 20, 2011

Want to be a magic Pitch Man?

You know, many of you love to do magic, both as a hobbyist or as a professional. As someone who gets PAID to do magic, it's rewarding to see that you can make a living doing something you love.

But what if you're in a dry spell? What if you don't have enough shows to keep a steady income?

Or better yet, what if you DO have enough shows, but you want to make a little EXTRA income after the show, when everyone wants to learn magic from you?

This is where you can sell (aka PITCH) some items to people. These would be items that are EASY to learn, but powerful to most laymen. Here are some great priced items that you can stock up on, and pitch them to people for some extra income:


The perfect pitch item! The Wonder Mouse is a classic of magic that's been popular for decades.

The tiny mouse is shown by the performer and a small "motor" is attached to it. The mouse begins to run over and around the magician's hand, over his shirt - everywhere!

Supplied with illustrated instructions and all necessary accessories. Each unit is polybagged.

Your Cost: $1.49

Svengali or Stripper Decks:

These Svengali and Stripper Decks are the highest quality "Pitch" deck on the market. The cards handle beautifully. Perfect for the salesman looking for a low-cost alternative to professional-grade decks.

Supplied complete with illustrated instructions detailing not only the workings of the deck, but several excellent tricks.


Hummer's Whirling Card:

Imagine having a card selected from any deck and tossing it into the air. Instead of fluttering to the ground, the card spins from one hand to the other! With another toss, the card hovers between the magician's hands, spinning like a flying saucer. A wide variety of aerial acrobatics are possible with this flying card. Finally, for a fantastic finale, the card spins around the magician's body entirely.

This Royal Magic publication, supplied complete with all necessary supplies to perform the trick dozens of times, Bicycle playing cards, details all the work on Hummer's masterpiece, and describes a number of bonus effects with the "special something" supplied.

Your Cost: $8.69


And here are some Back In Stock items from one of our many suppliers:

Perfect Pen:

A high-class writing instrument (that's a pen, to your spectators) is thrust through a bill without leaving a hole, or scarcely a mark. Then, with no switches or funny business, the pen is HANDED OUT FOR EXAMINATION. Only one pen is used. They are holding the gimmicked pen!

Your Cost: $34.88


LinkPen Thru Anything:
John Cornelius' famous invention. Buy the original and best! This special pen, precision crafted, lets you puncture a dollar bill, coin, or even your tongue. Yet when the pen is removed, the object is completely unharmed! One of the most popular close-up tricks of all time.

Price: $17.45


Bendable Pen:
The magician displays a plastic pen, which is shown to be a solid, working pen. He chats a little about the people who are able to bend spoons and keys just by mental concentration. As he's talking, the performer rubs on the pen and it becomes flexible, bending like rubber. The pen is rubbed once again and becomes solid, and can be handed out to the audience for total examination!

Your Cost: $13.10


Rising Business Card Case:

An elegant way to present your card ! Your business card rises from a beautiful silver and black business card case. No magnets, threads, or wires - easy to do!

Your Cost: $13.05

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