Monday, August 08, 2011

PREORDER SPECIAL: Order Wormhole and get About Face by Jay Sankey - FREE!

It's been a while since we've given away a value this HUGE, but with the upcoming release of Wormhole by Ali Nouira, we wanted to make an impact and sweeten the deal for our awesome customers!

So here's the deal. If you PREORDER this upcoming effect though MJM Magic using the link below, we will throw in About Face by Jay Sankey, FREE! That's a $20.00 item that we're giving to you, FREE!

There is a catch though: we are ONLY doing this for people who preorder the item!

Once this item is released (currently scheduled for the end of August), this special will abruptly expire and no more freebies will be given.

This is your perfect opportunity to not only pick up a guaranteed HOT new release, but to also get a great valuable freebie item that plays well on its own!

So don't wait! These kinds of promotions run fast and sell out quickly. Use the link below to purchase it, and you will be guaranteed to get a free About Face by Jay Sankey with the release of Wormhole!


Ali Nouira's WORMHOLE is a face slapping, jaw dropping, eye bulging behemoth of a magic trick. A SELF WORKING signed card to pocket!

Two freely selected and signed cards are lost in the deck (you don't even control the cards). You offer to dead cut directly to their selections. You make ONE CUT and show the top card. You missed.

But you know what, that's not surprising is it? Why not? Because after cleanly showing your hands are empty you slowly reach into your back pockets and remove BOTH SIGNED CARDS!!!

A supernaturally miraculous 'Signed Card To Pocket', WORMHOLE is dead easy to do.

No moves (no palms, forces, breaks - NOTHING). The special gimmicks do the work for you.

Hands shown empty at all times.

Regular deck - just add the gimmick and you're ready to rock.

Resets instantly.

No duplicate cards.

Gimmicks easily customizable to any deck design.

Includes hand made gimmick.

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