Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rattled is back in stock!

This is going to be the quickest & shortest blog post we've ever sent. Why? Because the headline speaks for itself! The hottest selling (and hardest to get) effect is now back in stock!

Rattled by Dan Hauss has been sold out for months. We've been fielding requests and taking preorders for it, but the wait has been unbearable.....UNTIL NOW!

It's actually being shipped and received right now, so we expect to send these out to our customers by tomorrow afternoon! If you already preordered it, then you are guaranteed to get one!

If you haven't yet picked this up, we still have a limited supply available. Just order quickly through the link below and we should still be able to get one out to you:

Don't miss this opportunity! The first batch sold out within hours and it took two months to return. Who knows how long it will take the next time!

As always, if you need anything else, please let us know!! We appreciate all of our loyal and new customers, and you truly make us look forward to coming into work every day!

The MJM Magic Team

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